North Toronto Auction: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Everyone Welcome to Attend?

Everyone is welcome to attend our public auctions! You can come down and check out the action. Admission is free and parking is free. If you would like to bid, you must be registered. Sign up for e-mail notices to keep informed about future auctions. Sign up here!


Can I Preview the Vehicles?

Yes, our lot is open to the public Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm on the week of the Saturday sale. You can come in and inspect all the vehicles that will be up for auction. You can get in the vehicles, start the engines, check under the hood, etc. You can't move the vehicles, or bring in sensor readers.


What do I Need to Register?

All that is required is a valid Ontario driver’s licence and you are eligible to bid on vehicles/items. It is free to register! You can Register in Advance and save some extra time when you arrive on auction day.


What if my Driver’s Licence is Not From Ontario?

You must have a valid driver's licence in order to register and be eligible to bid on any vehicles!

If your Driver’s Licence is not from Ontario, you must provide your valid driver's licence, along with your birth certificate or passport in order to register. Once these documents are provided, we will create a RIN (Registered Identification Number) number for you at a cost of $25+HST. The RIN number created for you will act as your Ontario Driver’s Licence number, and allow us to transfer the vehicle ownership into your name.


Can I Register My Company?

If you would like to register under your company or business name, you must provide us with the following documents:

If you do not have a vehicle ownership in the company name, we will create a RIN number for the company at a cost of $25+HST. The RIN number will allow us to transfer the vehicle ownership into your company name.


Are Pets Allowed at the Auction?

Due to the busy environment on auction day, personal pets are prohibited from coming into the auction. Of course, Guide Dogs and Service dogs are always allowed.

How About Children?

Children are more than welcome but we ask that you please remain cautious and keep them close by as it can be dangerous with the large crowds of people and constantly moving vehicles. Your children are your responsibility.


So How Does the Auction Work?

Once you have successfully registered, you will be provided a bidder number which you will use to bid on vehicles/items. Auction staff or ‘Ringmen’ are “Bidder Assistants” and will be onsite to help you communicate with the auctioneer and will help bid for you should you need assistance.

We have three lanes (W,X, and Y) where vehicles will be driven through and auctioned off. There will be three vehicles being auctioned off simultaneously. The opening bid will be started either by a bidder (in lane or online) or by the auctioneer and there is no minimum starting bid.


How do I know When the Car I am Interested Will be Up For Sale?

On average, we do roughly 30 to 35 vehicles an hour per lane. This is a good way to know approximately when a vehicle will be up for auction. For example, if you are interested in Lot X 70, the vehicle will be going through around 11am in the X Lane. This is ONLY a general time frame, be sure you are ready and prepared for when the vehicle goes up for auction as it will only go up for sale once so don’t miss your chance!


Do you Offer Online Bidding?

Yes! If you would like to register for online bidding, you must do it online on our website under Public Auction, Register to Bid Online. The deadline for Online Bidding registration is 5pm on Thursday, the week of the auction.


What if I Can’t Make it on Auction Day?

If you can’t make it here on auction day you can place a “Proxy Bid” or absentee bid on the vehicle of your choice.

If you would like to submit a proxy bid, you must do so in person at our office during regular business hours, Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm. We require a $500 deposit in order to put a proxy on any vehicle or item. Please contact us during or after the auction to find out if your bid was successful.