About Us.

Incorporated in 2002, NORTHERN AUTO AUCTIONS OF CANADA was conceived by auction professionals who saw how the auction industry was changing in Canada. After extensive research and planning it be came apparent to the partners that there was an opportunity to strategically locate an auction that would service a regional market in one of the fastest growing areas in Ontario. The state of the art auction facility was custom built and the doors opened in the spring of 2003 operating as NORTH TORONTO AUCTION. Shortly after opening it became clear that the partners were right! NTA has been growing steadily and has expanded by adding an additional 20 acres. Vehicle remarketing is ever changing, and North Toronto Auction brings solid solutions to our fleet and dealer customers by constantly developing new and innovative ways to exceed our customer’s needs. The launching of NTA’s AUTO GAVEL for our dealer network is just one example of our commitment to be leaders in our field. Our Public Auctions provide a venue to remarket government assets, recreational vehicles and equipment. The founders of North Toronto Auction believe that the individuals who represent the dealerships, fleet and lease companies, finance companies and various governments are our partners. Together we build lasting relationships that are based on listening and servicing their needs in a professional environment. The result is one of strong sales and an ever growing market for their product. One of the main and distinct advantages of working with North Toronto Auction is you are dealing with the owners who are “hands on” involved in the day to day operation and have your best interest at heart. The proof is also seen in the dedication and enthusiasm of staff and employees. Why not contact us, so you and your company can experience the personal service at NTA that everyone is talking about.