Jul 22nd '16

Jul 22nd '16

May 31, 2016
The following is an article that appeared in the Canadian Automotive Fleet Magazine.




North Toronto Auction has been an active and proud sponsor for this great charity event since day one.

“It’s great to be involved with NAFA (National Association of Fleet Administrators) and an industry that supports a fund raising for such a worthy cause as the Sick Kids Foundation”  Says Stu Ralph of North Toronto Auction


Jennifer Chapman, NAFA, would like to thank all of the exclusive sponsors.


The Ontario chapter of NAFA held its annual golf day in support of Sick Kids Hospital. A sold out double shotgun group of 144 golfers did their best to tame Copper Creek Golf course in scenic Kleinburg, Ontario. While there were a number of victors claiming rights to winning foursome, long drive and others, the big winner was Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Golfers, sponsors and guests all came together to donate over $20,000 dollars to the Sick Kids Foundation.



“The Ontario Chapter was proud to host its 4th annual charity tournament for Sick Kids. I would like to thank our volunteers and participants who through their generosity and support made this a successful and memorable day. Although we are still finalizing the accounting, we hope to be close to $100,000 in total donations to Sick Kids over the past four years,” said Jeff Meggitt, NAFA Ontario Chapter Chair.

Jul 22nd '16

May 10, 2016



The signs are good that NTA's success will continue.


NTA partners, (From left) Stu Ralph, Frank Panza and Matt Rispin take a break from the auction action.


Michael Cole, MTO, was on the block to represent his cars as they went to auction.


North Toronto Auctions (NTA) held its 13th Anniversary sale recently. The auction featured over 550 vehicles consigned and 175 number of buyers and sellers. Among the featured consigners were the Province of Ontario and Chrysler Financial.  "The Anniversary sale was a clear demonstration of why the North Toronto Auction continues to grow,” said Michael Cole, Team Lead, Strategic Fleet Services, OPS Fleet Management Centre, Ministry of Transportation.


NTA's lanes were hopping at the anniversary sale.


“From the professionalism of the staff through to the appreciation and treatment of their clients."
“The action was awesome and the dealers had a great time,” said Stuart Ralph, Owner/Partner, NTA. “We are really excited about this year and are forecasting a record year in sales.”

Jul 22nd '16

December 21, 2015
The following is an article that appeared in the Canadian Automotive Fleet Magazine.




North Toronto Auctions has expanded its compound by three acres increasing the facility’s total space to 16 acres. The fenced and lighted secure storage area has two new compounds, one for dealer parking and a second for auction marshaling and staging. 

“The expansion represents a number of advantages for our fleet customers. OEM lease-end volumes are projected to increase. The expansion allows NTA to provide secure marshaling, inspections, remarketing and CPO inventory management. As well, fleet managers who decide to sell an asset, can have it removed immediately from their facility, eliminating the need for parking or storage at their location effectively reducing costs. NTA works with our fleet customers developing a remarketing strategy that suits their priorities. This extra land really supports that service.” said Stu Ralph, Owner/Partner, North Toronto Auction. 

Landscaping and paving will continue in spring 2016.

Dec 29th '14

Auto Know: Selling to the highest bidder (Toronto Star, Dec. 20, 2014)


By Eric Lai


What's the process for having an auction sell my car?  Can I set a minimum price?  What fees are involved?


Stuart Ralph, owner/partner of North Toronto Auctions in Innisfil (, replies:


We welcome private consignment and typically sell 20 to 25 privately-owned vehicles at every auction.  We offer two options:


“Absolute Sale” means the car is sold to the highest bidder.  This is the simplest and cheapest way to sell a vehicle that is taking up space in your driveway.


The “Protected Price” program gives sellers the opportunity to sell their vehicle without risk.  Simply put, we appraise the vehicle and the seller agrees to a price, set by the auction, that the vehicle should sell for.


That said, most people tend to think their car is worth more than what the market is willing to pay.  Plus, it’s only human nature to think that because you put new brakes on the car, or had some engine work done, that the car is automatically worth more. The fact is that basic maintenance doesn’t get you any more money.  The cheapest thing you can do to benefit the selling price is have the car professionally cleaned.  (This is also true for dealer trade-ins or selling privately.)


If bids on the vehicle are less than the agreed upon Protected Price, then the car isn’t sold. But if the winning bid exceeds the Protected Price, we will split the difference with the seller, so it’s “win/win” for everybody.


Not only is this a convenient and safe way to sell a car, there’s also no cost for the advertising, we guarantee that the ownership is transferred, and you’re paid within a week of the auction.


We have high standards on declaring the vehicle properly.  Full disclosure means the seller must declare any mechanical defects and the history of the vehicle.  We perform Car Proof history reports and check for liens on every vehicle so bidders can buy with confidence.


For more information, visit:


Eric Lai adds:


First off, your vehicle must be lien-free.


For “absolute sale,” the seller pays a $71.50 auction fee.


For “protected price,” the seller pays a $200 fee (whether or not sold), which includes an appraisal.  As noted, any excess over the “protected price” is split evenly between the auction house and the seller.


Advertising, security, storage etc. are all included.


For commercial vehicles, an optional decal removal service is available.